On 13 February 1900, the Queensland Presentation Congregation was founded in Longreach, a pastoral town in Central Outback Queensland. The Catholic parish had been formed in 1893. The Catholic population saw the need to establish a Catholic school for their children. At the request of Bishop Higgins, the newly appointed Bishop of the diocese of Rockhampton, Presentation Sisters from Wagga Wagga, who were known for their expertise in education, were invited to staff a parish school.

Five Sisters, Agatha Collins, Frances Hayes, Alphonsus Burke, Patrick Madden and Ursula Kennedy, made the long journey from Wagga Wagga.  In response to the needs of this western town and its surrounding properties they provided primary school classes. As there was no secondary education provided by State education, the Sisters offered secondary school classes for older students and adults. Boarding facilities were available for girls who lived at considerable distances from this western town. As well as academic subjects, the teaching of music – piano, violin and singing, and art and penmanship, dressmaking and cooking were offered to students and townspeople alike.

The Sisters’ presence and their contributions to the development of the town over many years have been highly valued, leading to their inclusion in the historic Longreach Hall of Fame.

This tradition of quality and broad education continued throughout the schools which were established across the State as more women joined the Congregation. 

With the advent of Vatican II when Religious were asked to go back to the spirit of their Foundress, the Congregation was involved in an in-depth evaluation of their lifestyle and ministries.  Some Sisters continued in education, others contributed to pastoral ministry in parish communities while others engaged directly in social justice areas which supported women, families in need, refugees and migrants.  This brought with it a change from the traditional community lifestyles to enable Sisters to be more available to respond to the needs of the times.

As time went on and as there was need for some Sisters to withdraw from areas of active ministry, partnerships were established with like-minded organisations which has enabled the Congregation to link with works that resonate with our Presentation charism.

Like many religious congregations, the Presentation Sisters are engaged in a process to ensure that their spiritual patrimony and financial legacy are secure, enabling future generations to receive the gift entrusted to them through the charism of Nano Nagle.

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