Safeguarding Commitment Statement

The Presentation Sisters of Australia are committed to the following principles: 

  • At all times the safety, well-being and protection from any form of harm or abuse of children, youth and vulnerable adults are paramount. 
  • All Sisters and other Presentation Sisters’ employees and volunteers have a duty of care to support and protect children, youth and vulnerable adults. 
  • Our recruitment, employment and supervision processes are to be of high quality in order to select and engage suitable people to work with children, youth and vulnerable adults. 
  • Education and training in recognising abuse, responding to disclosure and reporting an allegation is provided for all engaged in working with children, youth and vulnerable adults, either directly or indirectly. 
  • If there is suspicion that a child, youth or vulnerable adult is subject to some form of harm or abuse there will be immediate intervention ensuring the person is protected and supported. 
  • A prompt, compassionate and just response is made on receiving any complaint or notification of harm or abuse (current or historic). 
  • Care is offered to the family of the child or person who may have suffered harm. 
  • Persons involved in an allegation of abuse will be treated with justice and compassion and have appropriate confidentiality maintained. 
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