Our spirituality 

Presentation people are enlivened by the same Spirit of love that inspired and impelled Presentation Sisters’ founder, Nano Nagle, to action, stirring the hearts of those who felt called to join her along the way.

Being Presentation…

Being Presentation is:

  • a dynamic way of seeing, listening, being and engaging with the world
  • enlivened by the Spirit of God at its heart as revealed in the life of Jesus and the good news of the gospel in each time and place
  • inspired by the founding grace and life of Nano Nagle.

Being Presentation involves:

  • a particular orientation of heart
  • a quality of presence
  • loving commitment to fullness of life for all people and for all of creation.

Spirituality of Heart

Being Presentation is to be of contemplative heart, present and open to God in the joys, challenges and mystery of life. Just as Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Nano Nagle, pondered the Spirit’s calling, deep in their hearts, Presentation people, too, are deeply considerate of life’s invitation. They use their own gifts generously and creatively, nurturing the spark of life wherever they are.

The cry of those made poor and the cry of Earth resonate strongly within the hearts of Presentation people, challenging them to respond with compassion wherever they encounter suffering and need. Such compassion impels them to be loving and respectful in the care they offer, courageous in their outreach and service, and resolute in their commitment to and actions for justice.

Nano Nagle saw in Jesus, the human face and heart of God’s compassion, and knew in her own heart, God’s love for her and for the world. It was this creative energy that overflowed through her into the world and it is the well from which Presentation people today are invited to draw.

To be Presentation is to embrace the goodness of creation as an evolving communion of life, and to trust and participate in its movement towards wholeness. Hence, Presentation people seek to be in relationship with others and the earth in ways that affirm, strengthen and celebrate life. They welcome the gift of diversity, and seek, on all levels, to include, collaborate and share. Presentation people take hold of the mystery of life as it emerges and unfolds, and reflect and respond with energy and imagination to its possibilities and challenges.

The practical love, justice, compassion and hope that Nano brought to the people of Ireland and beyond was the gospel way of Jesus. Nano welcomed this way of Eucharist and communion in her own heart. It was Jesus’ life given to bring healing, wholeness and new life for others that she shared. This spirit continues to find new expression in and through the life and work of Presentation people today.